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Uttar Pradesh is a combination of the whole of India with its integrated symbols. With a mix of different races, cultures and religions, Uttar Pradesh has made a unique cultural heritage unique to the rest of the nation. The history of Uttar Pradesh is interesting as a meeting place for Indian culture. The Mauryans, the Mughals, the British – all brought their own cultural symbols.

The cultural, complex life was the quintessence of the Muslim Nawabs policy of Awadh. Uttar Pradesh is the place where Hindus and Kathak music, one of the six ancient Indian dances, flourished. The art of painting reached its peak during the reign of Jahangir. Most importantly, the best blessings of Uttar Pradesh to mankind are the two proverbs “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” and moreover the teachings of Buddha and Mahavira. Indian weddings are characterized by their distinctive traditions and rich traditions that have been a part of the festival for a long time. Each party in India commends this happy union for their unique and joyful way. Uttar Pradesh is a province located in the northern part of India and this province is known as the site of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Religious ceremonies hold prominent criticism in this context and state wedding ceremonies are described with incredible joy and long tradition. The people from Uttar Pradesh are straightforward, but their weddings show a certain amount of influence and pride in style.

Jewelry from Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, also known as the world of biodiversity, is a province in northern India. India’s fifth largest province with a population of over 200 million; it is the most populous province in the country. Lucknow as we all know is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, and Kanpur is its economic and industrial capital. Hindi is the official language spoken in the UP.Uttar Pradesh offers a combination of traditional and western fashion. The same is evident in her jewelry. Whether it be necklaces or bracelets, earrings or bangles, this province offers you an innumerable number of options to choose from. In India, weddings, parents and relatives of the bride and groom donate her stones. They say that jewelery is the best gift a girl can give as she promotes beauty. The most popular jewelry a girl wishes to have is gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, or last but not the least bit of silver jewelry. Instead the size of the girls opted for brass jewelry, German silver jewelry and gold ornaments. Also, there is no need to travel to faraway places or to find your own place and in many cases handmade jewelry as girls can buy jewelry online now. But, where can you buy from? Go to shopatplaces.com and check out the beautiful collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants and more … Places like Hathras and Moradabad are famous for their German silver and bronze jewelry. The Hathras region, formerly known as mahamaya nagar is the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, and the state of hasras is part of Aligarhdivision. Hathras is especially famous for its beautiful handmade Brass and German silver accessories, making it the Indian Capital Accessories. Accessories such as embroidered brass gold earrings, silver colored earrings, brownbead earrings, blue bead necklace, brown beads and German silver necklace, gold-plated bracelet, gold-plated ornament, ornament, ornament. They are famous brands of hasras, disha, and Moradabad. Manufacturers in this city have exported their products to Europe and America for decades now. You will find accessories from the city in the collections of many fashion houses.

Paasa (maang tika):

Paasa (maang tika), a traditional dress worn in Uttar Pradesh, is an essential part of a gold wedding ring. It comes in a variety of levels of sensitivity. Maang tikka can add a simple design hanging from a layered part made of a candle. It is an accessory for the bride and is designed to stay in the sixth chakra – representing the third eye or the power of the soul, in Hindu mythology. Some brides wear it in the middle of the forehead – indicating a person’s ability to control emotions and the ability to concentrate.

Due to its harvest appeal, maang tika is now worn not only in India but also around the world. Maang tikka, new belt songs to adorn an Indian woman; Hitting the fashion market by storm, is a new set of trends for brides and grooms.

Gold Maang Tikka

It is the simplest of all lots. Made of solid gold, without decoration, the look is beautiful and classy.

Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka

Stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphire, opal etc. are used. This style fits everyone. A modern girl or a traditional bride both look extremely beautiful in this design.

Chand Tikka

The pendant is like a moon and is very popular. It is made of pearls or gemstones arranged in circular patterns.

Borla Maang Tikka

Rajasthanis refers to Maang tikka as Borla or Rakhdi. It gets its name from the fruits of a round or oval blossom. They are also packed with various gemstones. A married woman in the Marwari and Rajput communities adorns it on their foreheads with a split hair.

Crescent Maang Tikka

This comes in the form of a half moon. The crescent shape is more pronounced compared to the Chand tikka. Pearls are widely used in this design.

One thread Maang Tikka

This small piece of jewelry with a single metal strap goes well with small works to emphasize the beauty and elegance of women.

Double String Maang Tikka

Brides looking for an unusual style can go with this style. It consists of two strings of different styles. For example, one thread is made of pearls and the other has diamonds or precious stones. It can also be worn as a side maang tikka for a fashionable look.

Many strings Maang Tikka

Many chains are made of pearls or stones attached to a central paint. These layers are spread over the entire crown and look amazing.

Hair Hugger

This style of Maang Tikka creates a face. The metal chain lies just below the hairline and thus gives meaning to the face.

Maatha Patti

A bold piece of jewelry with many details. It is complex and is used as a jewelry statement.

Kundan Maang Tikka

Kundan stones are set in a gold frame with a traditional Rajasthani style of jewelery making. It looks royal and adds a special touch to the usual decoration. It can be combined with diamonds or gemstones that are colored for a modern look.

Minimalistic Maang Tikka

The one with the smallest decoration, the most fond of little girls. It goes well with jeans and crop tops; even clothes can look great if they are the only piece of jewelry.

Mughal Maang Tikka

The Mughal Maang Tikkas has a large pearl that is usually made of pearls. Jadau styles such as Kundan and Polki are as common in Mughal jewelry as these styles appeared in Mughal royal courts. The pendant is the most attractive and attached to a dainty chain. Pearl-shaped circular designs with dangling pearls look attractive and captivating.

Passa and Jhoomar

Jhoomar, as the name suggests is a large circle connected by chains and covered with colored stones and pearls. It is an essential part of Islamic wedding jewelry and is worn on the left side of the hair.

Polki Maang Tikka

Polki is a Jadau style of jewelry made by Rajasthan. Made of uncut diamonds. It is a piece of jewelry that deserves attention.

Tears welled up in Maang Tikka’s eyes

The tear-stained Maang tikka looks delicate, delicate and very attractive. It’s simple and beautiful and works well with anything. It is therefore popular all over the world.

Tiara Maang Tikka

Tiara can quickly transform any girl into a princess as well as this style. Also called Crown Maang tikka, it looks great when made of glittering diamonds. The thread on each side is attached under the hair so that the middle part of the hanging chain looks like a tiara. It works well with an open head.

Charm Maang Tikka

These are separate, lightweight pieces suitable for small tasks. Pendants are small and come in many forms. It’s a beautiful transformation from traditional to modern look.

Island Maang Tikka A large round ring on the forehead that shines in glory is an timeless beauty. Adorned with pearls and colored gemstones, it is a perfect example of traditional but modern jewelry. There are many options to choose from. It is always best to try different styles and wear all your clothes to choose the most suitable one. Dress, hair style, shape of your face etc. play an important role in choosing the right Maang tikka.


Gold bracelets represent the family situation.


This gold necklace is tied tightly around the neck. NECK DECORATIONS!


A large nose ring worn by the bride tells you the family situation

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