Traditional Jewelery of West Bengal

West Bengal is the subject of a variety of cultural institutions, ranging from Indian Rajas of the Muslim-influenced and, together with the external colonization’s. The sacredness of the Hooghly River, the serene beauty of the Eastern Himalayas, the true beauty of the sunderbans and the lush green tea gardens, the culture of West Bengal, it is the perfect blend of modernity, elegance, and tradition. This is reflected in its arts, culture, clothing, jewelry, food, music, dance, architecture, clothing, religion, and festivals of West Bengal, also known as a luxurious and cultural state of India. Traditional, West Bengal, jewelery is usually made out of gold and semi-precious stones. It has a unique, traditional style, and has continued to be a cultural and ethnic origin in India.

Here’s everything you need to know about the traditional jewellery of West Bengal, and in the traditional cold-jewelry names.


This is the traditional gold nose rings that most of the Bengali bride will wear during their wedding ceremony. Available in a variety of designs and styles, and this one is one of West Bengal, it is the most common and most widely eaten types of jewelry. The size of the ring is directly proportional to the financial situation of the family.


Tikli is one of the traditional head decoration. Made in gold, it is styled bride. It is decorated with the Two women on auspicious occasions and for family gatherings. The project is a complex one, and it is executed with a high degree of accuracy. Tikli, roads are a precious stone, for example, precious stones and semi-precious stones.


This is the most popular type of Bengali Jewelery. The crown is a headband and is used to hold the veils of a Bengali bride at a wedding ceremony. It is believed to have been inspired by British fashion of the past years when they were the rulers of the country. It is sometimes combined with mang tikka to give a beautiful and elegant look to brides. Many brides wear tiaras or crowns made of Gold (also known as “Shonar Mukut”). Adds a royal appeal to the look of a bride. See photo by Shonar Mukut below.


The chain, which as the name suggests, the smooth-fitting with a belt and on a hanger and Closely fitted in the upper part of the nape of the neck. At the moment, gold and chokers are usually covered up with diamonds or pearls.


Death is, in principle, means hearing. In the shape of a human ear, and the Band is a box on the ear ornaments. Covers the entire ear. Two women, to decorate this gorgeous gold jewelry during the wedding ceremony, and family celebrations. A large quantity of these precious metals are used to create these lovely ear piece, starting at a minimum of 15 g in each of their ears.

Kaan Bala:

Kaan Bala, is a large, round earring, and that it is the preferred choice of the majority of Bangladeshi women. Kaan Bala is inspired by the shape of the band (in the Bengali language, bracelets, are so-called bala).


Crafted from elegant and intricate craft work, House is a very common gold bracelet is to be worn by women in Bengal. To produce it, you need to have a large amount of money, and sometimes up to 50 grams.


Ratanchur is a traditional Two-hand jewelry. Five-finger rings, which are connected to each other by means of a separate supply chains to reach to the wrist of hand. Ratanchur is typically organized by a Bengali bride.


This is a kind of grandeur in the cool of the wedding decorations and that may be used for the operation of the bride bowl veil. There are some who believe that the “tiara” or “maang tikka” was inspired by the British, when they ruled the country. Tairaa adds an element of elegance to the new bride and was very helpful with the set up of the veil.

Pati Haar:

Patti and Her heavy-duty chain with the spikes. The women of West Bengal, transfer patients to her on the Durga puja, wedding parties, and family get-togethers. Made of gold Patli for Her, it is a type of Bengali jewellery is made with the intricate designs and the impeccable accuracy. Even though it is a difficult, complex design, it is very pleasant to wear thanks to its gentle form.


Jhumko, or jhumka made up of beautiful, intricate flowers designs. Jumko was very popular among the Bangladeshi women. They are also known as chandelier earrings, in the English language. New fashion trends and designs, which are included in the jhumko, or jhumkas, making it a more stylish and usable for the latest trends in fashion.

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