Jewelry to take your New Year’s Day to the next level

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to take off those party dresses and enhance your look by hitting something. So girls, it’s time to go buy some beautiful jewelry to cover the Ensemble brightly. And as a good friend we are, we have decided to help you with real pieces of classic jewelry to become a party star. Here are eight things you should have.

  1. Necklaces

If you have been avoiding jewelry, heavy jewelry for a while, you can go back and remove all your favorite pieces now. This season, waist jewelry is back with a bang and necklaces have made a splash. Whether it’s chokers or stone-covered stories, the trick is to keep your outfit ready to properly balance your encounter. Tie your hair with a pony, bun or braid to look your best. Wear this with low or wide neck blouses, cholis or tops.

  1. Earrings

If you are not sure how to try earphones, try cute, cute and stylish earrings. Pair these Indo-Western dresses, long kurtas and culottes, long skirts and crop tops, whatever you want.

  1. Bracelet watches

If jingling bangles are not your thing, the rings are just for you, These adorn your hands well without the problem of breakage and noise. Bracelets can also be activated by installing a watch. This definitely enhances its style quotient because wearing a watch is always a good choice.

  1. Earcuffs

This cousin of fashion earrings is probably the only piece of jewelry that has ever been furious with everyone. Give these regular earrings a break, and then combine these neatly made ear cuffs with your ethnic party dress. You can choose to wear them on one or both ears and pair them with small studs. This creates a quick boho-chic look and is ready to just go!

  1. Anklets

Your feet are often overlooked, but this party season you can make them look great with beautiful anklets. This can range from single-string to detailed, multi-thread designs. Occasional toe extensions are a great addition and make your feet look longer. This spam, oxidized wallet is the piece you’ve been looking for!

  1. Statement rings

If you are not a very jewelry person, and would like to keep it small, a statement ring is all you need. Keep your arms empty or wear a top with full sleeves. You can choose a stone or a ring with interlocking pearls or one with symbols and pictures. Rings are an easy way to find your unique identity and can be paired with suits of salwar, sarees, lehengas, gowns, and everything.

  1. Kamarbands

A thin leather belt speaks of endless lust. Wear it with a saree or lehenga skirt and add a quick twist to your waist. If your waistline is not your best feature and you have a thin midriff, you can remove this strap and put it under your shirt or choli. It is simple, beautiful, and powerless to entertain.

  1. Brooches

Apart from fashion a decade ago, brooches have now made an amazing recovery and can sink the show with one hand. If you want to try something other than your pin-up-your-pallu with a brooch look, go outside and literally attach it to anything that excites you. You can tie a lovely scarf around your neck and attach it with a decorative brooch on the side. You can also put it in place of the anchor and pin it under your collar. If you pair your long national skirt with a white shirt, the brooch below the collar is a perfect match.

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