Jewellery of Bihar

When it comes to marriages, Bihar, a country in eastern India, is deeply influenced by their culture and traditions. Rustic, vibrant, and colorful three words well describe Bihari weddings. The customs are very clear. The whole wedding takes place in different stages and the families of both the bride and groom should be part of all these traditional ceremonies. The Bihari couple look colorful and bright in their wedding dresses and traditional wedding jewelry. Couple dresses come in a variety of designs and a variety of colors with beautiful embellishments, exotic designs, and handmade designs. Bihari wedding jewelry is especially traditional and colorful. The influence of this customary state can be seen in the luxury of their marriage. Bihar wedding jewelry is a combination of gold, diamonds, and other precious and non-precious stones. Bihari brides are known for wearing colorful bangles and their gold jewelry which is their unique feature when it comes to their wedding jewelry. Nath or nose ring is one of the most important parts of Bihari jewelry that is part of the wedding trousseau of every Bihari couple. Chandrahaar, Sikri, and Panchlari (gold necklaces), Tikli (Head ornament), and chokers full of precious stones are some of the pieces of gold jewelry worn by Bihari brides.

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of jewelry that can be included in your Bihari wedding jewelry collection.

Nath (Nosepin

Considered as a symbol of their marital status, Nath is an integral part of the Bihari couple’s wedding jewelry collection. The design of gold jewelry includes pearls, Kundan, diamonds, or other gemstone ornaments. Tavanika Mudhra Gold Nath, Aniya Mudhra Gold Nath, and Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath are good choices if you want a gold Nath engraved with colored gemstones. You can also check out Aarvi Mudhra Gold Nath, Depot Mudhra Gold Nath, and Depot Mudhra Gold Nath made of gold with colored gemstones and pearls.

Mang Tikka (Tikli)

The Tikli or Mang Tikka is a headdress and is part of the Bihari Brides gold jewelry collection. Mang Tikkas are set in pure gold with embroidered diamonds, colored gems, or pearls. Udichi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka, Yachana Mudhra Gold Mang tikka, Deivani Mudhra Gold Mang tikka, and Aarna Mudhra Gold Mang tikka are some of the most popular headdress pieces of Indian weddings including Bihari weddings.


Sculptors full of diamonds and other precious stones are an essential part of Bihari bridal wedding jewelry. You can check the Era Uncut Diamond Necklace ,Vasana Mudhra Gold Necklace, and Ethnix Gold Necklace at  many Gold jewelry finder.


Chandbali danglers and earrings made of gold with precious stones are filled with some of the most popular types of earrings worn by Bihari brides. If you want to hang it you can check out Orsino Dangler earrings, or Salsa Dangler earrings at various designers. Chandbali lovers can think of Kiya Layered Chand Bali or Ira Layered Chand Bali with their wedding jewelry collection.

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