3D Printed Jewellery: Time to think about it

3D Printed Jewellery: Why should you start thinking about it?

Can Extra Manufacturing be an asset to your jewelry production? Or, you probably don’t have a jewelry business and would like to start. In any case, it might be interesting for you to know that 3D printed jewelry can be a real treat on the market. Why stand out? What makes 3D printed jewelry special? How can you get started and where to look for inspiration? Let’s find out!

5 Top 3D Benefits of Printing Your Jewellery:

There are many reasons to start producing 3D printed jewelry. What benefits could Additional Productivity bring to your business? What can this technology do that others cannot? Let’s find out!

  1. Unimaginable freedom of design :

We need to start with the fact that 3D printing works only for 3D modeling. Without a 3D model, you can’t produce anything. And here is a new design freedom you can achieve thanks to 3D modeling. Basically, anything you can think of can be built into a computer and come to life, one layer at a time.

Traditional technology will make it difficult or impossible to produce complex geometry and fine details in such a small amount, such as earrings. 3D printing gives you the freedom to create abstract shapes or interlocking frames. It can also give you the option to lock one item inside another and reproduce it the same way.

  1. Don’t worry about weight :

Some jewelry is problematic, as it is heavy, making it uncomfortable to wear and not functional. Don’t forget that when you decide to use Additional Product technology. There are many ways to reduce the weight of your 3D printed jewelry.

First of all, some things are as simple as they are. Technologies like SLS or Jet Fusion work with plastic, which already makes them brighter than traditional traditional manufacturing technology.

Your 3D printed jewelry can also be filled with lattices. Larger designs such as decorative ornaments, brooches, or necklaces should not be tight on the inside. A popular solution to 3D printed jewelry is letter designs.

Lastly, your parts can be put in a hole. There are some 3D printing materials that may not allow you, but they also have a lot of options where extraction is allowed and advised. Learn all about tracking with our guide.

  1. Reach a new level of quality :

You can be one of those people who sees 3D printing as a low-level FDM 3D printer, where the layers are very visible. That’s old news. Professional 3D printing brings HD quality to the stage of your 3D printed jewelry.

Depending on the technology, Additive Manufacturing can achieve a layer thickness of at least 25 µm, which is 0.025 mm. By comparison, the average hair size is 100 µm. New production techniques allow you to achieve high quality, and low cost.

  1. New 3D objects :

Metal 3D printing can also help you, you can produce your designs on precious metals such as Brass, Bronze, or Silver with various installation options. You can learn more about Metal 3D and Wax Casting printing with our free ultimate guide.

However, as mentioned above, you can even use plastic for your 3D printed clothes. Do not restrict yourself to metal, there may be other building materials. One of our customers is 3D printed bag ornaments for his collection with SLS 3D printing plastic technology, which was then finished in different colors.

Another thing to say about resins. Both plastic and resin 3D printing are strong, durable and resistant to scratching. For example, VeroWhite resin can give you 3D printed jewelry for a very smooth face due to UV healing and is available in 12 colors. Some resins, such as EPUs, are flexible and can be recommended for rings or watch straps.

  1. Create 3D printed mold jewelry :

If you decide that Additive Manufacturing is not the right technology for producing your own jewelry, it can still be of great benefit to your design process. A popular application for 3D printing is mold. Your production process can be improved thanks to 3D printing as it can provide you with a complete model for reuse molding.

Creating mold with the help of 3D printing is very popular, learn more about the benefits from 3D molds.

How do you get started producing 3D printed jewellery?

The first step is 3D modeling. It can be easier than you think as there is special software dedicated to jewelry design. Choose the best of your project with our top 11 jewelry design software. However, if you would like to start by taking steps for children in the visual world, check out the simple 3D modeling software of 2019.

You may have a strong desire to start your own jewelry business. There are many benefits to that and making it easier for you, we have prepared 5 easy steps to start a jewelry business.

Get inspired by 3D printed jewelry projects

You can already find amazing 3D jewelry projects, such as Nylon 3D printed bracelets, luxury rings, or an award-winning flexible clutch for our blog post. But we are looking at recent projects, as there are new ones emerging all the time, and they are very encouraging. Collection of bracelets, bracelets and matching necklaces, the sensor system creates beautiful, natural-inspired structures, which would not have been possible without 3D technology. They use computer simulations of plants, such as leaf litter, to create those stunning designs. Maybe your inspiration for 3D printed jewelry is near you? Take a look!


Those creators, on the other hand, were more precise with geometric accuracy. RADIAN states that ” 3D functionality and printing as a means of production opens up a whole new world of conditions and beauty. It allows RADIAN to use new materials and create unique and artistic statements ”. Their 3D printed jewelry is minimal and one can say that it is easy, but how easy this is to work with straight lines. Encouraged by drawings and structures, RADIAN sends a clear message about their work.

HI Jewelry

HI jewelry is short with Human Interface jewelry. Ameria Diggle is the founder of the company, and, as you can guess, the designer of User Interface. She has developed her own collection of 3D printed jewelry because as she says ” Jewelry is a personal thing. It can reflect your style and personality, or it can reflect emotions and capture many meanings. People always have stories about what they wear ”.

And of course, she wanted to celebrate women working in the technology industry, giving them something special and personalized. Commenting on her development, she said: “It’s about giving women a token, like the badge of recognition that they belong to the tech world, and there are those made for them because they work in technology”.

Fully access the board with 3D printing

As you can see, 3D printed jewelry is now available and nothing will stop you from using 3D technology. Encourage 3D printed rings and other decorative items to get an idea of ​​what you can gain with Additive Manufacturing. Start 3D modeling jewelry with one of the dedicated software and get complete freedom of design and detail details that are impossible to reproduce with traditional synthetic methods. Once you have your models, don’t worry about investing in expensive 3D printers. You can use the online 3D printing service in production. It’s as easy as uploading your file to our website and you’ll get a quick rate! We can also provide you with any design advice you may need, just contact us.

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